Max MacCormack

The Truth is Hard to Believe...

Max MacCormack has been playing music since he was old enough to grip objects. Mom’s pots and pans and toy instruments quickly turned into real the real thing. At 16 years old, Max now plays a Martin DX1AE at his acoustic gigs. His playing style and set list covers the spectrums of bluegrass to blues to country, classic rock to southern rock and beyond. His solo acoustic set list includes everything from The Allman Brothers to ZZ Top and all points in between. Max covers favorites from many different genres including: Doc Watson, Merle Haggard, James Taylor, Bob Dylan, Van Morrison, Led Zeppelin, Stevie Wonder, Foo Fighters, Dave Matthews, Sublime, Stone Temple Pilots, Zac Brown Band… It’s quite a list.


Don’t let his age fool you. This kid can play.


When electric guitar is more appropriate, Max wields a 2000 Fender Stratocaster with pure vintage '59 pickups he installed himself. Then the set list goes to 11, adding a new batch of legends to the mix: Stevie Ray Vaugh, Jimi Hendrix, Eric Clapton, Kenny Wayne Shepard, Lynyrd Skynyrd, BB King and more.


Max has a long and bright future ahead and his musical development is far from over. Working diligently every day, his continually expanding song list is the best part of his repertoire. There is always a new song you haven’t heard him play yet.

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